Intuitive Tarot I – LIVE Course

Tracee · April 10, 2018

Intuitive Tarot Level I – An Introduction to tarot as vibration

This level one tarot workshop is the first step to learning or deepening your knowledge if you already ‘read’ tarot.  It will allow you to develop your intuition and trust to use the Tarot as a ‘Tool’ for readings.  The confidence comes as you progress through the next levels and you deepen your readings and what is ‘given’ through your conscious awareness.

Suitable for beginners or advanced levels wishing to develop more deeply & Intuitively.
(Please note that all levels have to be taken in order, no matter what your experience in order to create the foundation of learning in an intuitive way to ‘access’ within to read intuitively).

This introduction to the Tarot is a ‘letting Go’ of ‘learning cards’ and the fear!!  It also incorporates the cleansing of cards, preparation & the starting point of card layouts.

This course is meant as the first step in tarot and created for you to continue on to level 2 and then professional tarot to be able to read confidendently.   Each level is part of the whole process to read intuitively, even if just wanting to gain intuitive guidance for yourself or read for friends and family, you need to develop fully in order to attain the intuitive process & give accurate and confident readings. 

I have split the levels for you to join when you are ready,  to work at your own pace,  but it is better to take the course all at once over 8 weeks for the full focus. (there is an option to buy them together and gain access to it all).

Please note that one level is not giving you all need to go forward confidently,  but it does give you an excellent foundation to build on.  The complete course is held accumulatively over 8 weeks which is still a very quick process but one that has worked, channelled and taught this way since 2011, creating many establish great readers.  It took me several years to get to the stages that the whole course will elevate you to,  but I am working in new vibration and you don’t need to make this over complicated or drawn out.  Just attending with an open mind and choosing to let go and learn intuitively.

This course will be delivered via an online ‘Live’ class.

Continued development after this level:
Tarot Level II – deepening our understanding of reading intuitively
Professional Tarot – continued learning & practical experience
– this part is 6 weeks with lessons for 1.5 hours or 3 week course with lessons for 3 hours

These can all be found and booked on my courses page on my website or within my High Dimension® Portal – teaching academy.

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