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High Dimension® Intuitive Teachings - aligned to New Earth Vibration & Awakened Conscious Community.. a SPACE for unity & collaboration!

A collective community of..

  1. Conscious Community SPACE   to be inspired and to inspire others, grow and thrive together.   Space to just BE, navigate the new earth vibration, support and  each other in a PRIVATE, SACRED & SAFE  place.  Events to gather together & raise vibration.
  2. Holistic, Spiritual & Wellbeing Academy   for  being both the student and the teacher, learning & sharing knowledge in a supported and professional way with teaching tools and environment,    Bringing conscious change to your life! 
    – Passionate about our continued inward journey, empowering SPACES held (no matter how evolved we are), for self realisation and continued soul growth.  A wealth of aligned groups, workshops, healing, meditation & courses.
  3. Tech ‘done for you’ COURSE BUILDER    for facilitators of space, leaders of the new earth energy, teachers, mentors and coaches to create your OWN online courses, workshops, memberships & groups.

You can sign up at   www.traceecullen.com 
See  you on the inside!

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Resonance is aligning us all to create the new world we do want and that starts with conscious change.  To continue the inward journey now, which is beyond the mind in knowing just knowing about a global shift, it is now about living it and BEing the change!